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Together on the way - in diversity

Community living

A glimpse behind the scenes

Who lives in the parsonage?

Currently five individuals aged between mid-forty to sixty live in the parsonage of Saint Sebastian. We are all working. Two women, three men, two couples, all Swiss, all with some migration background.

Living in a community makes a lot of things easier. This is our expierence which we accumulated over the course of our individual lives. We now share this here.

Each has his consisely alocated space for living. The rest we share.

As a community, we founded the association with the name “Acting out of Silence” on the evening of the equinox in March 2021.

What we may share

Our competences

Accompaniment / Pastoral care
Peace and conflict studies
Health / Social / Pedagogy
Nonviolent communication
Kontemplation via integralis
Art therapie
Sustainability / Environment
Project Management
Zen Meditation

In the spotlight

Brief introduction...

Dr. Markus Heil

Community leader of the parishes of Saint Sebastian and Saint Antony, Wettingen and Saint Maria, Würenlos;Initiator of the community, contemplation teacher Via Integralis and co-leader of the formational course for future contemplation teachers.

Marge DAIEN Oppliger Pinto

Art therapist, Walddorf school teacher, Soto Zen nun, yoga teacher and breathing therapist; responsible for the treasury in the association; Partner of Jorge

Jorge KOHO Dellamora Mello

Educator, therapist, Soto Zen monk, Zen teacher, body therapist, further training in family and couples therapy, educator at the Gaia Education Programme, Partner of Marge

Dr. Julianne Funk

Peace worker, peace and conflict researcher, focus on inter-religious dialogue, trauma and healing. Specialisation in the Balkans; acts as actuary in the association; Partner of Jürgen

Jürgen Lembke

IT project manager in the health care sector, Zen teacher of the Glassman-Lassalle Lineage, President of Via Integralis, the association of contemplation teachers; Acting within our association as 'primus inter pares'; Partner of Julianne


Our shy cat, who by now feels rather at home and calm.


Our brave dog - usually on guard.


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