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Silent | Awake | Benevolent

We guide people into silence and, together, draw from the source - to act with vitality.


Still, not-knowing

As a community we practice meditation beyond limiting forms and ideas. We cultivate female and male qualities and integrate the body in all we do. With childlike, not-knowing eyes we curiously learn about the mystery of existence.

We share with each other our diverse cultural inheritance. This abundance is an inspiration and a learning opportunity.

Letting ourselves be touched

Widely awake bearing witness

With an alert mind we cannot but be touched by what is happening around us. We experience ourselfes as part of oneness and are naturally influenced by it.

With open eyes with see the need of around us and try to be near with a benevolent heart.

Between us and in encounters with others we nurture clear, transparent communication. In our decision making processes we strive for consensus.


Acting benevolently

We engage in favour of our environment, society and our neighbourhood. We do so on the macro, meso and micro levels.

In everything, we try to have a benevolent attitude. We trust our impulses to act meaningfully, in emergency situations, with regard to nature, e.g. in the garden and the vineyard, and in our pastoral work.


Fields of activity


For the group meditations we have set up the Rebberg Zendo in the parsonage cellar. Silence is practised here every day.

Parsonage meadow

The meadow invites young and old to meet for a game, for moments of introspectionn or a cup of tea.

Fruit and vegetables

In the parish garden we learn to grow crops sustainably, socially and holistically. We maintain an exchange with old and new approaches.


Together we cultivate a vineyard and continue the Wettingen wine culture.

Communal live

We are involved in the community and participate in the life of the parish and the neighbourhood.


We promote non-violent communication and learn to be in exchange in a playful way with the "flow game" and the circle talk.


Courses and workshops in sustainability and careful use of resources in all areas of life.


Exchange about pre-industrial handicrafts such as wood, leather, metal processing.

Tiny Housing

Life in a limited space is an exciting field of experimentation.

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